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Posted in | on 4/1/07

Volkwagen recently launched iGolf in Spain.

The Volkswagen iGolf features an iPod dock that is hidden away in the armrest and will cost you €18.100.

Unfortunately, it is currently available in Spain only. We'll see if it comes here any time soon.

DLO has announced its TransDock car system, which broadcasts iPod music through a car's existing FM stereo - including mobile video capabilities.

Users can now enjoy their iPod movies on their car's video screen, while the soundtrack is played through the vehicle's stereo system.

TransDock securely cradles and charges the iPod, while giving users full control of bass, treble and volume settings directly from the car's console. It holds up to four programmable presets to help users jump to commonly used frequencies.

Posted in | on 3/28/07

Kensington recently released a new Car Mount for iPod that allows you to secure your iPod in place while you drive.

It sticks to car windshields via the integrated suction cup or onto the dashboard with some 3M tape and its flexible arm adjusts to hold player firmly no matter how bumpy the roads.

The goose neck mount measures a foot long and is capable of being adjusted to accommodate virtually any viewing angle be it for front or back passengers.

Posted in on 3/23/07

Proporta's Wireless FM Transmitter plugs into any standard 3.5 mm (1/4 inch) stereo output and transmits to a selected stereo frequency.

The Proporta Wireless FM Transmitter can transmit on a number of pre-selected frequencys, which are clearly labelled by a number of LEDs displayed on the front of the Transmitter.

The Wireless FM Transmitter can also be powered by either an internal battery (2 x AAA) for use in your home or office, or a handy in-car power supply.

Posted in | on 3/22/07

Griffin Technology began shipping its newly updated iTrip for iPod nano, redesigned to fit the new second-generation iPod nano.

iTrip broadcasts the iPod's music wirelessly to the car or home stereo FM radio. It features one-touch tuning and setup control, a mini USB port for charging, and Griffin’s SmartDisplay on-screen iTrip technology.

The device features a mini-USB port to charge the iPod while in use, and is priced at $50.

Griffin Technology today announced its TuneFlex AUX and TuneFlex AUX for iPod nano is now shipping.

TuneFlex AUX is a flexible charging cradle with line-out audio and provides a custom-look, in-car mount that charges the iPod as it plays over the car's stereo.

This update offers updated support for second-generation iPod nanos, different goosenecks, and comes with a minijack-to-minijack audio cable, designed to be used with newer car stereos' line-in ports.

Posted in | on 2/15/07

The iDA-X001 head unit by Alpine Electronics promises to bring you the best in-vehicle iPod experience with easy control and access to all your music through a brand-new interface.

It's equipped with a color 320 x 240 pixel TFT screen that displays artist, album and track information, and even album art from the iPod. Menus that are navigable exactly like the iPod.

The iDA-X001 includes only one built-in audio source (an AM/FM tuner), connects via USB, and carries the "Made for iPod" seal. The only thing it's missing is a CD slot.

Posted in on 2/11/07

Check out what CarDomain.com user, JPPadula, has done to his 2002 GMC Denali...

He figured out a new way to use your old cassette adapter. He also created a nifty iPod cradle unit by modding an OEM cassette player to accept an iPod.

The iPod slides in like a cassette, ejects with the factory button, and a custom-made Apple button controls PAC SWIX to select the source on Kenwood deck using iPod interface.

It all fits into OEM cassette player case, mounts like factory with all backlighting retained.

Posted in on 2/10/07

Toyota announced today that iPod connectivity is now standard in all Scion 2008 models.

Every model, including the all-new Scion xD, re-styled 2008 Scion xB, and the new-for-2008 Scion tC, will ship with 160-watt Pioneer AM/FM/CD audio systems, which feature a head unit with iPod control. The head unit displays track, artist and album information from the iPod on a one-line display.

Connectivity is achieved by simply plugging the iPod into a port via a connector cable, providing outstanding sound quality through the car’s stereo system and constant power to the iPod.

Posted in on 1/30/07

Apple announced today that the 2nd generation iPod shuffle is now available in five brilliant colors: blue, pink, green, orange and the original silver.

Clip it onto your sleeve, lapel, belt, pocket, bag (anywhere!) to listen to a continuous mix of your 240 favorite songs.

The new 1MB iPod shuffles are now on sale for $79.

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